Department of Posts provides wide range of services to its customers
broadly classified into following categories

Mail Services

            Mail Products           Registration

            Registration              Parcel

            Insurance                  Value Payable Post

Premium Products

            Speed Post                Business Post

            Express Parcel           Media Post

            Greeting Post             Logistic Post

Financial Services

            Saving Schemes (SB, RD, TD, MIS, PPF, SCSS)

            Saving Certificates (NSC VIII, NSC IX)

            Money Remittances  (eMO, iMO, MO Videsh, IMTS, Money Gram)

            Mutual Funds & Forex Services

Retail Services

            Bill Mail                    Direct Post

            Retail Post              e Payment


Insurance Services

            Postal Life Insurance (PLI)

            Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI)


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