Employee Forms


Charge Report

Departmental Identity Card

Casual Leave / Restricted Holiday (CL/RH)Form

Medical & Fitness Certificate

Rule 38 Application

Festival Advance

House Building Advance

Reimbursement of Children Education Allowance

NOC for Passport

NOC for Higher Studies

Voluntary Retirement Application

Retirement Forms

Medical Claims

GDS Transfer Application

Certificate for Cycle Maintenance Allowance [cma]

Articles Delivery Status at Branch Offices



Withdrawal                              Final Withdrawal

Advance                                   Conversion of Advance to Final


TA & LTC Forms

TA Bill for Transfer                                    TA Bill for Tour

LTC Advance                                               LTC Claim

TA Bill for Deputation (Excel, PDF)

Holiday Home Reservation                  



Monthly Income Scheme


Speed Post Delivery Incentive (Form1, Form2)



Cheque Issue                                             Cheque Clearance

Certificate of Credit                                 Certificate of Verification

Certificate of Payment                             Memo of Verification

Memo of Payment                                     Sanction Memo SB

Invoice for Saving Certificates                

Advice of Payment of Saving Certificates

S.B List of Documents